Travel Accessories – Ten Things to Take

The latest things to have are travel accessories. Try and stock up these new arrivals for the ultimate style and panache and of course utility. They are available in most travel and luggage stores. They are going to change your travel for ever.

Compression Bags

You can save up to a super 80% of your luggage space if you resort to plastic compression bags. Packing becomes a lot simpler easier and definitely cooler. They are reusable and you can go on using them for quite a few years.

Non Slip Security Wallet

A non slip security wallet is the accessory that you mast carry when traveling. It is a lot like a regular wallet but with the added advantage of having a non slip rubber attachment on one side that catches on to the side of your pocket on the inside and thus does not slip out any way. It also blocks pick pocketing ventures. But to let this be effective you should always carry it around in your front pocket. If you carry it in your back pocket it won’t work as effectively as when you carry it in your front pocket.

But of course you can any way convert your regular wallet to a non slip wallet by wrapping it in two rubber bands. Of course you could also try and prevent pick pockets by using a chain attached wallet that will thwart any foray into your pocket, security isn’t very difficult with this.

Secret Waist Wallet

A complement to the non slip wallet is the secret waist wallet that kind of fits snugly into your shirt or blouse or underneath them. It is still quite easy to access. Of course the whole purpose is defeated if you lift your short or blouse in public as the potential pick pocket gets a good view of where your wallet is located and resort to his handy work to recover it from there. A public washroom stall is the best place for taking it out and it serves your security concerns.

Elastic Security Socks

There elastic stretch socks which are extremely effective and have a hidden zipped pocket on the inside. They stay up and are make it very difficult for the pick pocket to locate where the wallet is exactly.

Female Security Purse

For females there is of course the security purse with a steel cable attached to the strap. If a thief is trying to cut the strap and steal the bag, the steel attachment prevents this attempt.

Pocket Pillow
These are of course very easy to carry and very easy to inflate and use. The measurements are 6 inches by 4 inches by 1 inch. When inflated the measurement changes to about 19 inches by 15 inches. It makes sleeping easy while traveling.

Some countries for the particular configurations they use need you to carry electrical adaptors and converters. Try and check at the airport what all is allowed into the place you are traveling and the permissible weight to avoid trouble when you land there. Try and pack the travel accessories into the hand luggage.

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